Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comfort! Create! Unite!

These three words have been the standard Operation Kid Comfort lives by for more than five years now. Our quilts are created to provide comfort, while OpKid workshops provide communities across America an opportunity to unite in support of our service men and women serving overseas. Here's a tale of how one community came to support their own through Operation Kid Comfort.

When my husband, Steve, and I decided to spend six weeks in South Texas this winter, I had no thoughts of making Operation Kid Comfort quilts. That is until Steve told a golf buddy about the program.

A few days later, I met Robert Britton at a community gathering. Showing me a photo of his four granddaughters, he said, “Aren't the beautiful!” He quickly followed the question up with “...and they all need quilts! Their Mom and Dad are both heading out on deployments!”

Well, as I said, the last thing I wanted to do on vacation was make quilts! And then I thought about the Britton kids, spending vacations for the coming year without Mom and Dad nearby. They had some tough times coming, being separated from both parents for so long. How could I refuse? Their Mom and Dad were not refusing to help me and mine.

The next day, I met with a Janet Magee, the sales director of the South Padre Island Resort. I asked if there were any quilters in the area and if I could use their club house for an afternoon.


Together, we set to getting the word out. In response to a post in the community email updates and a notice on the bulletin board, seven volunteers signed on to help make the Britton girls Operation Kid Comfort quilts.

An interesting group of volunteers, one quilter, a few of sewers, a retired army wife (who is well acquainted with Fort Bragg), and others who weren't sure how to help but came to lend a hand in any way possible, we set to work.

I had the photos pre-printed on fabric, and thanks to Janet R., who cut the fabric into strips before the workshop, we were able to put together four quilts in one afternoon.

It didn't take long to fit into an 'assembly line'. Some were pinning, some were pressing, and some were sewing.

And didn't these quilts turn out gorgeous!

Your community can do this too. Operation Kid Comfort is in need of long distance quilters to make quilts for our OpKids. We will send you kits with photos printed on fabric ready to be put together. Please contact to learn more about how you can make a difference in the lives of the children of our deployed service members.

Please consider serving those who serve America, by supporting Operation Kid Comfort, or any of the ASYMCA programs. Questions and contributions may be directed to:

Armed Services YMCA of Fort Bragg

208 Thorncliff Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28303.


Thank you so much to the OpKid volunteers, Alice G., Jeanie M., Patti K., Nancy F., Karen K., Donna S., and Janet R. for your talents and time, the entire community of South Padre Island Resort for your concern for America's Littlest Heroes. And THANK YOU to the Britton family. Your sacrifice and bravery is not forgotten. We are honored to include your children in the OpKid family.




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