Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Since Day One . . .

Operation Kid Comfort supporters have shown their unending appreciation of our military families. Big national companies and small local businesses alike have contributed to Operation Kid Comfort letting our service men and women know that they are not forgotten, no matter where they are serving far from home.

Long Creek Mills is one such company. Based in Gastonia, NC, the folks of Long Creek make sure we have plenty of thread to stitch OpKid quilts and pillows.

In early July, I had the opportunity to stop in and see our friends at Long Creek Mills. Pete and Alice understand why Operation Kid Comfort is so important. They spent many years in the Fort Bragg area, while Pete was based here during the Viet Nam war. They know full well what our military families face while a loved one is overseas for long tours.

And Charlie, Long Creek Mill's owner, is honored to help out Operation Kid Comfort. Like us, he understands there is no better way to support our troops than to care for their families while they are away.

Whenever we make a call, our requests are not only filled, but lots of extras are always included in the package. We always try to open the boxes with volunteers around so we can oohh and ahhh together over the colorful threads, especially the variegated.

Please take a moment to look at the products Long Creek Mills has to offer. If you are a quilter or create with a machine embroidery machine, then take a look at Long Creek Mills. The quality and variety of threads cannot be beat.

And let folks at Long Creek Mills know how much you appreciate their generosity towards Operation Kid Comfort and America's military families.