Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank YOU

There is no way to imagine Operation Kid Comfort without the help of its contributors and volunteers. They are the oil that has kept this engine going for almost five years. Can you believe it --- FIVE YEARS! If only there was a way we could report on them all, but the time it takes away from our OpKids and their quilts would offset the kindness they've bestowed. Today, we will highlight two contributors that represent what the OpKid family is all about. Please know that these kind souls represent the MANY who have made Operation Kid Comfort the award-winning and successful program that it is today.

Mark Hordyszynski, an award-winning fabric designer whose work can be seen throughout the world of fiber has donated more than 50 yards of fabric. Included in the donations several yards of 'solid' colors that will coordinate nicely with much of what we have on hand, and some adorable juvenile prints and dots that we know our OpKids love! Thank you Mark for you generosity. To learn more about Mark and his talents, please visit his website:

Also recognized here is the MOMS Club chapter of Easton Area, Easton, PA. Under the direction of Heather Fredericks, these ladies formed teams with each team making one quilt. Using images already printed on fabric and provided by the ASYMCA workshop on Fort Bragg, along with a generous dose of love and appreciation for our military families, these MOMS constructed four beautiful quilts for our OpKids. I'm sure you join us as we send a great big THANK YOU to the MOMS. To learn more about MOMS, please visit their website:

We have so many wonderful people in the OpKid family, all who offer their love and prayers to our military and join us in our mission to serve the children of those who serve America. If you would like to be part of this phenomenal team, please contact:

Donations and contributions can be mailed directly to:

Operation Kid Comfort
ASYMCA of Fort Bragg and Pope AFB
208 Thorncliff Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28303

To receive a quilt for a child you know, please contact:

Thank you to all our contributors and volunteers. Without YOU OpKid would not be possible!