Friday, April 27, 2007

'OpKid" Storytelling

Operation Kid Comfort has so many stories to tell: stories of our military families who bravely endure the long separations now demanded of them, stories of our phenomenal volunteers who endlessly work to make the lives of military families easier to endure, and stories of this amazing journey of Operation Kid Comfort and how it grew from the dream of just a few into a reality that serves families through military installations across the U.S. and overseas. Read on for a couple of new stories we have to offer you, and be sure to be a part of our stories by posting your comments, as well.

The Operation Kid Comfort segment of The Story with Dick Gordon, which aired through WUNC public radio on April 27, 2007, speaks to the Operation Kid Comfort beginnings and gets to the heart of why we do this: to make the lives of our deployed service men and women, and their families a little bit easier. You can listen to the interview and read about our story of Operation Kid Comfort at the program’s website: the story Take a few moments to check it out and leave a comment about what ‘OpKid’ means to you, your family and your military community.

Our thanks go to Dick Gordon and The Story’s producer, Denise Schneider, for the opportunity to speak about Operation Kid Comfort. Mr. Gordon and I spoke of the almost 5,000 children that have received Operation Kid Comfort quilts and pillows, more than 2,000 through the Armed Services of Fort Bragg/Pope AFB. The items are FREE of charge, and our way of saying THANK YOU to America’s bravest and their little heroes: the children waiting at home for Mommy or Daddy to return.

We welcome your support. For information on how you can become an official sponsor of Operation Kid Comfort please contact or call 910/436-0500. Contributions can be mailed to:

Operation Kid Comfort

Armed Services YMCA of Fort Bragg/Pope AFB

208 Thorncliff Drive

Fayetteville, NC 28303

And we have another story for you … or should I say FIFTY stories! Operation Kid Comfort is so pleased to welcome the artists of Fabled Fibers: Art Quilt Enchantments into our family. As members of, these artists have offered their talents by illustrating their favorite children’s stories in quilt art form. At you can wander through our online galleries to see the amazing story quilts they have created, and read the accompanying tales. From Aladdin to Treasure Island, Fabled Fibers includes fairy tales, folk stories and fables, as well as some lovely original stories by the artists themselves.

Very soon, we will be offering Fabled Fibers products to raise funds for Operation Kid Comfort. From day one, I have searched for a vehicle of ongoing income for the program, and with the help of our Fabled Fibers artists, we have found just that. Check back to see our note cards, calendars and bookmarks that will be available for sale at

And speaking of venues…Operation Kid Comfort is so very pleased and honored to announce that, with the sponsorship of Hewlett-Packard, Fabled Fibers: Art Quilt Enchantments will open at the Fall 2007 International Quilt Market and Festival. HP, Quilts, Inc. and The International Quilt Market have been supporters of Operation Kid Comfort since the program’s inception. Fabled Fibers and Operation Kid Comfort are the result of community efforts that include corporate support, individual contributions and the talents of hundreds of volunteers. Please consider being part of this wonderful community. To learn more please email: