Saturday, February 12, 2011

Emily's Example of Dedicated Service

Operation Kid Comfort is fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers. Each is committed to the our 'OpKids', and our mission to serve the children of those who serve America, by generously creating free photo-transfer comfort quilts and pillows as they await a parent's return from service overseas.

Now and then, we like to highlight an extra special volunteer. Today, we honor Emily Newton.

Growing up in a military family, Emily knows first-hand the difficulties facing 'America's Littlest Heroes', the children of our deployed service men and women. Along with her siblings Katie, Mary, and John, she has withstood the many separations from her father with grace and dignity. Through Operation Kid Comfort, Emily has served other children from her community, helping them cope with deployments in their families.

Emily began volunteering for Operation Kid Comfort in 2003 when she was just ten years old. With a keen eye for matching colors and patterns, Emily enjoyed sorting donated fabric for our quilt kits. She quickly became adept at processing incoming and outgoing requests and then the tasks of scanning, editing and printing images on fabric to include in the quilts. Before we knew it, Emily was an expert quilter, constructing beautiful quilts for other children in the Fort Bragg community.

Imagine our surprise, and pride, to see Emily at fourteen years old, organizing quilting events and instructing adult volunteers on the many tasks of Operation Kid Comfort. This is why in 2008 Emily was awarded with our Armed Services YMCA Teen Volunteer of the Year. Simply put: Emily is amazing!

This year, Emily will graduate from high school as class President! As she makes plans for what promises to be a bright future, all of us at Operation Kid Comfort wish her well in her journey. Truly a shining star, we are confident that Emily will succeed in whatever she puts her mind to.

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